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Welcome to Graphyness Illustrations.
Studio Graphyness was established in 2011 and it illustrates T-shirts, car stickers and window decals.
Our design has a strong affinity to gothic and urban narratives, with a touch of romantic style.
Among our collections:
  • Cartoon T-shirts which include graphic T-shirts with funny quotes. This collection deals with urban narratives and emphasizes funny situations in everyday urban life. It can become a wonderful source of unforgettable gifts.
  • Illustrated T-shirts include original illustrations and are influenced by gothic and romantic narratives.
  • A new original style of decals we develop these days - Panoramic Window Decals which should become a unique contemporary urban style decals for large windows. The purpose of this project is to create decals which are able to interact with the outside urban views using the houses' landscapes and shapes. 
We'll be most appriciated for your interest and your support.
Please, be in touch for additional information by e-mail:

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Cartoon & Illustration

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